Professional hot-stones (Volcanic) massage, the best massage Belgrade

Volcanic (Hot stones) massage

Hot-stones (Volcanic) massage, Olimas salon Belgrade

Volcanic rock energy

Even in the distant past, there was a belief that volcanic stones have the energy of the very core of the world, so in the tradition of ancient peoples, warm stones were used in rituals, disease diagnosis and healing. Volcanic (Hot stones) massage is effective for circulatory problems, insomnia, back pain, sciatica, spondylosis and some rheumatic conditions. After the massage, the heated stones are placed on precisely defined acupuncture points through which the reflex has a beneficial effect on vital functions. The sounds of pounding stones and touching your body are especially relaxing.

  • Relaxation and relaxation
  • Effective on diseases and ailments
  • Circulation and energy flow
  • Refreshment of mind and body
  • Mood and will

Massage with volcanic stones provides an unforgettable experience, after which the energy returns to balance, and the body feels relaxed and rested.