Professional detoxification massage, the best in Belgrade

Detoxification massage

Detoxification massage, Olimas salon Belgrade

Eliminate toxins and restore inner shine

Detoxification massage - with sea salts that stimulates skin revitalization, cleanses the body and alleviates the consequences of the deposition of toxic substances such as alcohol, cigarettes or sugar, with mild relaxing movements. By peeling from sea salts, the skin is cleansed, nourished and thus renewed. In this way, the extinct surface layer of the skin will be removed, and thus the rest of the skin will be regenerated because it has a better supply of oxygen and nutrients. After this massage, the skin is smooth, silky and with the original glow.

  • Detox whole body
  • Skin care and rejuvenation

The special effect of the detox massage will renew your body, restore your energy, and your skin will be grateful for a long time.