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Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage | Olimas salon

Relieving pain and tension

Therapeutic massage is a combination of several different manual massage techniques, additionally enriched with a mixture of essential oils, as well as creams and gels. This combination significantly reduces pain and successfully removes the accumulated muscle tension of the whole body. It relieves stress and has a strong effect on relaxing all blockages in the body. It belongs to the more intensive and demanding massages and that is why it is performed exclusively by physiotherapists, with knowledge of pathology.

It is especially useful in spinal diseases, spinal deformities, Parkinson's disease, morbus bechterew, extraarticular rheumatism, CNS and PNS diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and has a positive effect on many other symptoms and ailments, general pain, insomnia and nervousness.

  • Analgesia
  • Therapeutic effect
  • Tension elimination
  • Long lasting effect

Therapeutic massage is a perfect choice after a hard day's work, if you have severe pain or after a very stressful event. It is used for healing purposes. It can be for different parts of the body.