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Foot Massage - Foot Reflex

Foot massage Belgrade

By massaging the feet a step further

In addition to great relaxation, this massage is also an alternative method of treatment - therapy of the reflex zones of the feet. The starting point is the assumption that each reflex zone of the foot is connected to a certain part of the body. If any of these "reflex zones" are painful or we notice it in some other way, then the corresponding organ needs a certain stimulation, which is given by a directed foot massage.

  • Complete relaxation
  • Positive impact on the whole body
  • Perfectly removes tension and stress

The method of massaging the reflex points of the feet dates back to 5,000 years ago, when various forms of foot massage began to be used for medical purposes, and similar procedures were known in Japan and Egypt. Today, it is a generally accepted method of relaxation and healing.