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Sports massage

Sports massage | Massage Belgrade Olimas

After sports or training

Do you do sports? Do you have intensive training? Accumulation of metabolic waste, lactic acids and urea, created as a result of exercise, which then accumulate in the muscles, creating cramps, stiffness, pain and tenderness. OLIMAS Sports Massage is the ideal choice! An energetic, deep and fast massage that releases the muscles from tension, leads to their relaxation and complete readiness for the next training.

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Growth of muscle mass
  • Fast recovery from exertion

Sports massage is a great choice for professionals or recreationists, after hard training, as well as for everyone who is exposed to greater physical effort. It is an irreplaceable upgrade, both in terms of recovery and health, and in terms of maintaining spiritual balance.

After the effort, the accumulated lactic acid turns into calcifications, which can cause muscle tension and even extreme pain. This massage is also recommended when the major problems have not yet occurred, but the muscle is just tired, the massage will make it completely relax and unburden.