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Massage Belgrade. OLIMAS Beauty Point International salon for professional massage Belgrade was opened at the end of 2009. OLIMAS massage salon Belgrade is specially designed so that clients feel relaxed upon entering the salon. Each room was specially designed by the famous Viennese architect Violeta Salhofer, so that by entering the salon, a world begins in which there is no stress, fatigue and pain. OLIMAS masseurs are specially trained physiotherapists whose skill shows excellent results with clients.

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Best massages Belgrade

Relax massage

Relax professional massage is a technique of manual massage. It stimulates the relaxation of the body and unites the flow of energy.


Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is a combination of several different manual massage techniques, additionally enriched with a mixture of essential oils.


Sports massage

Accumulation of metabolic waste, lactic acids and urea, created as a result of exercise, which then accumulate in the muscles, creating cramps...


Partial massages

Partial massages are especially useful when you want to focus on a certain part of the body - back, feet, head, arms, legs…


Foot Massage - Foot Reflex

In addition to great relaxation, this massage is also an alternative method of treatment - therapy of the reflex zones of the feet.


Detoxification massage

Detoxification massage - with sea salts that stimulates skin revitalization, cleanses the body and alleviates the consequences of the deposition...


Best massages Belgrade

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90 minuta RELAX+ masaže | Paketi

90 mins of RELAX+ massage

60 min relaxation massage of the whole body
15 min facial and décolleté massage
15 min foot massage
br aroma oil therapy of choice
2.990 rsd

Paket za sportiste | Paketi

Sport package

Cryo green balm for pain, inflammation and cramps
60 min of professional sports massage
Red balm for warming, better circulation, with antirheumatic effect
2.990 rsd

Aromaterapy Choco paket | Paketi

Aromatherapy Choco package

60 min treatment with aromatic relaxation massage with CHOCO preparation
15 min massage of the neck, head and décolleté
Aroma inhalation treatment during massage
2.990 rsd

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